In case you missed it: Campus Legends 2021 Playoffs Week 1!

Missed all the action over the weekend? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with a summary of all the exciting matches! This time, we’ll be kicking off the playoffs, where the top 8 teams from each game will battle it out to see who will prevail! Read on to see who the finalists are!

Match 1 Game 1:

NUS: Renekton, Nidalee, Viktor, Ezreal, Rell

SMU: Darius, Gwen, Lucian, Varus, Leona

Match 1 Game 2:

NUS: Viego, Lillia, Tahm Kench, Silvir, Leona

SMU: Sett, Diana, Qiyana, Ziggs, Nautilus

The first game was a complete stomp, with SMU’s Gwen getting fed very early on by getting 2 kills at the top lane. This initiated Gwen’s snowball throughout the match and she soon became unstoppable, having 0 deaths and at least 16 kills to her name. The second game was closer, with both teams trading kills initially, until SMU won the Baron fight, putting them in the lead. NUS won a fight after and tried to capitalize on the fight win by pushing SMU even further, but a turnaround from SMU cost them 4 members, allowing SMU to take the Baron again, as well as the series win.


Match 2 Game 1:

SMU: Darius, Tryndamere, Orianna, Varus, Leona

NYP: Jax, Lee Sin, Ryze, Draven, Rell

Match 2 Game 2:

SMU: Darius, Nidalee, Renekton, Kalista, Leona

NYP: Viego, Nocturne, Cassiopeia, Ashe, Thresh

SMU drafted a questionable Tryndamere pick that ended up not having much value in the game. NYP got the early advantage by ganking the bottom lane and SMU’s Orianna had a hard time as NYP jumped on her multiple times. NYP were able to win team fights and obtained the dragon soul, steamrolling their way to SMU’s Nexus. In the second game, NYP won a team fight to pull ahead and with NYP’s Nocturne constantly jumping SMU’s backline, SMU succumbed under the pressure, putting NYP as our first finalist from League of Legends.


Match 3 Game 1:

SIM: Lee Sin, Graves, Akali, Varus, Karma

NP: Camille, Trundle, Syndra, Aphelios, Thresh

Match 3 Game 2:

SIM: Sylas, Lee Sin, Sett, Jinx, Leona

NP: Jayce, Diana, Kassadin, Ezreal, Braum

SIM won a team fight at the bottom, putting them in the lead early on. NP had a few greedy plays that backfired on them, allowing SIM to take the first win. In the second game, NP picked a Kassadin, which usually takes a long time to come online. Against a SIM’s Sett in the mid lane, Kassadin was unable to farm up and because of this, SIM won their mid lane early, beginning their snowball to take the victory and face off against NYP in the grand finals next week.

Match 1 Game 1:

SP: X.Borg, Chang’e, Hylos, Alpha, Balmond

ITE CC: Benedetta, Yve, Popol and Kupa, Hayabusa, Yi Sun Shin

Match 1 Game 2:

SP: Ruby, Estes, Yve, Harith, Granger

ITE CC: Paquito, Selena, Atlas, Pharsa, Hayabusa

ITE CC got early picks and stole the purple buff from SP as well, putting them at an advantage. Their good rotations allowed them to gank SP members, constantly putting SP on the backfoot and allowing ITE CC to win the first game in a dominant fashion. In the second game, SP drafted an Estes, which suggested that they wanted to take team fights but they lacked a dedicated tank to absorb the damage coming from ITE CC. They also didn’t have a lot of crowd control and together with poor positioning, SP’s Estes got picked off multiple times, removing him from team fights. ITE CC managed to steamroll into SP’s base, winning the match comfortably.


Match 2 Game 1:

TP: Phoveus, Mathilda, Hayabusa, Cecilion, Barats

NP: Popol and Kupa, X.Borg, Ruby, Yi Sun Shin, Lunox

Match 2 Game 2:

TP: Ruby, Popol and Kupa, Kagura, Bruno, Pharsa

NP: X.Borg, Kaja, Yi Sun Shin, Yve, Atlas

Match 2 Game 3:

TP: Yi Sun Shin, Jawhead, Kagura, Kaja, X.Borg

NP: Lunox, Ruby, Popol and Kupa, Bruno, Benedetta

TP’s Mathilda got caught early on while trying to disrupt NP’s jungle but TP won the Turtle fight, evening out the score. However, NP kept ganking TP’s Phoveus and won the Lord fight, taking the lead. TP didn’t have the damage that a marksman would have provided, eventually collapsing under the pressure of NP. In the second game, both teams were relatively even, trading kills and objectives. However, TP managed to ambush NP during the Lord fight, turning the game into TP’s favour. Although NP caught up by winning the second Lord fight, TP won the third Lord fight, allowing them to push to NP’s base with the numbers advantage and taking us to game 3. In the third game, NP took the early advantage by catching off TP’s Jawhead but both teams traded kills to even the game out. TP got a team wipe on NP, taking the lead firmly in their hands. NP were unable to wrestle the lead back from TP, giving TP the reverse sweep to secure their spot in the grand finals.


Match 3 Game 1:

NUS: Selena, Phoveus, Harley, Benedetta, Jawhead

ITE CC: Ruby, Khufra, Ling, Cecilion, Lapu-Lapu

Match 3 Game 2:

NUS: Hayabusa, Selena, Esmeralda, Baxia, Barats

ITE CC: Popol and Kupa, Ruby, Yve, Harley, Fanny

NUS, as usual, had no marksmen and ITE CC followed suit with no marksmen as well. NUS secured an early first blood with Selena landing an Abyssal Arrow and they get numerous pick offs by ganking. NUS’s Jawhead and Selena were often roaming together to combo and get easy picks, allowing NUS to extend their lead. NUS tried to push into ITE CC’s base multiple times but ITE CC held on fairly well. As we entered the late game, ITE CC’s Cecilion started to dish out a lot more damage, giving ITE CC the opportunity to stage a comeback when NUS overstayed their welcome in ITE CC’s base and allowing ITE CC to win the game with the long respawn timers and numbers advantage. In the second game, NUS ran an unusual hyper Barats, perhaps trying to throw ITE CC off but they were unable to deal with the damage and mobility coming out from ITE CC’s draft. Whenever NUS tried to go in for a fight, their momentum would be halted by Yve’s ultimate and Fanny would just swoop in to deal all the damage. No one on NUS was able to jump onto the Yve to stop her and there was no crowd control for Fanny, allowing ITE CC to take a comfortable victory and turn their sights to TP in the grand finals.


The quarterfinals and semifinals have concluded and we have our top 2 teams from each game: SIM and NYP from League of Legends and TP and ITE CC from Mobile Legends: Bang Bang! Who will be the champions of Campus Legends Season 3? Only one way to find out! Don’t miss out on our livestreams starting at 1pm next weekend for your weekly dose of League of Legends and Mobile Legends: Bang Bang! Not to mention, you can stand a chance to win some cool prizes on our Twitch stream, such as a Lenovo keyboard and mouse bundle as well as a set of UNIQLO apparel! You can download the UNIQLO app using this link ( to get a $5 voucher and a chance to win an AIRism mask! See you next week!


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