In case you missed it: Campus Legends 2021 Week7!

Missed all the action over the weekend? Don’t worry, we’ve got your covered with a summary of all the exciting matches!

Match 1:

SIM: Lee Sin, Diana, Zed, Jinx, Thresh

NP: Renekton, Volibear, Leblanc, Varus, Morgana

SIM had a double assassin team composition, which was effective against Varus who is relatively immobile. SIM got the early advantage by getting picks at the top lane against NP’s Renekton, allowing them to crack open the top lane with ease so they could focus on the bottom lane. With their backs against the wall, NP collapsed under the pressure and SIM rose up undefeated in Group A.


Match 2:

SMU: Riven, Amumu, Akali, Jhin, Nautilus

ITE CC: Renekton, Graves, Sylas, Ezreal, Braum

SMU won their bottom lane as well as their top lane, with their Riven getting two early picks to initiate her snowball. She soon became so fed that no one on ITE CC could handle her alone, giving SMU the win and placing them above ITE CC in the standings.


Match 3:

Kaplan: Volibear, Lee Sin, Karma, Lucian, Braum

ITE CW: Fiora, Xin Zhao, Katarina, Kai’Sa, Leona

After a messy team fight at the bottom lane, ITE CW came out on top with an ace, giving them the lead early on. Kaplan’s Lucian could have played more aggressively early game to even out the score but ended up giving up kills so Kaplan never caught up. ITE CW’s Katarina and Fiora became too fed and snowballed ITE CW to victory in the end.

Match 1 Game 1:

SP: Kaja, Tigreal, Barats, Brody, Ruby

NUS: Lunox, Selena, Khufra, Hayabusa, Benedetta

Match 1 Game 2:

SP: Benedetta, Khufra, Brody, Chang’e, Barats

NUS: Ruby, Jawhead, Chou, Selena, Nana

NUS started off the first game with no marksmen, hence they had to be aggressive to get the advantage. They pulled off coordinated ganks and engages with Khufra’s ultimate as well as Selena’s stun, setting themselves up for victory. SP held on with a good defense thanks to their crowd control capabilities but NUS managed to brute force their way with the second Lord. In the second game, NUS picked an unusual Nana hyper, which seemed like a troll pick. NUS managed to get picks with good rotations and caught out SP’s Brody early on. Although Nana doesn’t have as much damage as typical hypers, the rest of NUS were able to follow up, eventually winning the series and putting themselves at the top of the leaderboard in Group B.


Match 2 Game 1:

NP: Popol and Kupa, Benedetta, Yve, Granger, Chou

SIT: X.Borg, Eudora, Jawhead, Gusion, Gloo

Match 2 Game 2:

NP: Saber, Diggie, Hayabusa, Benedetta, Brody

SIT: Yve, Popol and Kupa, X.Borg, Yi Sun Shin, Ruby

NP had a stronger early to mid-game composition with Granger while SIT had no marksmen. NP managed to get first picks with good rotations and secured a few team wipes to snowball their way through the first game. In the second game, NP deployed a feeding Diggie strategy, which turned out to be a thorn on SIT’s side as their Yi Sun Shin was constantly getting harassed and distracted. Diggie gave NP a lot of vision around the map, allowing them to take more objectives. NP secured the Lord and managed to take down SIT’s Yve early, giving them the space and opportunity to take SIT’s base and the series win.


Match 3 Game 1:

ITE CC: Jawhead, X.Borg, Harley, Chou, Yi Sun Shin

TP: Hayabusa, Barats, Khufra, Kagura, Esmeralda

Match 3 Game 2:

ITE CC: Popol and Kupa, Yve, Ruby, Ling, Harith

TP: Saber, Khufra, Hayabusa, Kagura, Lapu-Lapu

Match 3 Game 3:

ITE CC: Ling, Khufra, Pharsa, Kagura, Barats

TP: Kaja, Jawhead, Roger, Ruby, Lapu-Lapu

This last match of the group stages was a battle between goliaths. Both teams were stacked, with many familiar names from MPL SG fighting it out to see which team will come out on top in Group A, and which will end their win streak. TP had no marksmen so they played aggressively, with their Hayabusa getting quite a few picks. ITE CC’s Jawhead was unable to get a lot of value as the squishy targets on TP’s side were all relatively mobile. TP eventually wore ITE CC down to take the first game but ITE CC was not out yet. In the second game, TP took the early advantage again but were punished by ITE CC when they overextended into their base. The turning point came when ITE CC won a 5v4 Lord fight as TP’s Lapu-Lapu was busy split pushing. With the numbers advantage, ITE CC stormed TP’s base to even out the match score. In the last game, TP caught out ITE CC’s Pharsa multiple times. Their lockdown potential also won them team fights, and ITE CC eventually crumbled under TP’s relentless assault, surrendering the top spot to TP.


Now that the group stages have concluded, the playoffs will be well on its way, with the top 4 teams from each group battling it out to emerge victorious! Don’t miss out on our livestreams starting at 1pm next weekend for your weekly dose of League of Legends and Mobile Legends: Bang Bang! Not to mention, you can stand a chance to win some cool prizes on our Twitch stream, such as a Lenovo keyboard and mouse bundle as well as a set of UNIQLO apparel! You can download the UNIQLO app using this link ( to get a $5 voucher and a chance to win an AIRism mask! See you next week!


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