What is Campus Legends?

Campus Legends is an annual Inter-Tertiary Esports Tournament, organised under SCOGA’s initiative to engage, educate and empower youths to excel through Esports.

Esports can have a profound and positive impact on our youths, especially when it comes to shaping identities, building communities and a sense of belonging, as well as inculcating values such as discipline, teamwork, resilience, and commitment to a community.

While SCOGA has helped many youths over the last 13 years to develop competencies that have allowed them to build viable careers in esports (whether as professional esports athletes or as esports or gaming industry professionals), there is an ever growing and unfed demand for opportunities – opportunities for our youths to showcase their talent, and opportunities for them to take the first step towards a productive and fruitful career.

Campus Legends was therefore created in 2019 as a developmental platform that provides student gamers opportunities to showcase their talents in a healthy competitive environment at a national level, as well as opportunities to discover and learn about various careers in and around Esports.

Not just a gaming competition

Campus Legends® is much more than just a gaming competition.

As a unique development platform for student gamers, Campus Legends® takes a holistic view of Esports development.
More than just an opportunity for aspiring students to fulfil their potential in competitive gaming, Campus Legends® offers many varied opportunities for students to learn about various aspects of the Esports and gaming industries, and even receive practical opportunities to try their hand at what the professionals do.

Led by industry experts, our Campus Legends® workshops and mentorship programmes have exposed numerous youths to various related fields such as shoutcasting, Esports events management, broadcast and production, and even sports science for Esports athletes.

Selected participants even had the opportunity to become shoutcasters at Campus Legends® matches, including the grand finals at the Singapore Indoor Stadium, as part of our Campus Legends® shoutcasting mentorship programme. Do check out the following articles on the programme and the lucky mentees:




Campus Legends’ commitment to Esports development doesn’t end here. From the moment the Campus Legends® concept was created, it has collaborated with Institutes of Higher Learning (IHLs) to also provide students with opportunities to achieve their learning goals and to be career- and industry-ready.

Working closely with the lecturers of Republic Polytechnic’s Diploma of Sports and Management (DSPM) programme, Campus Legends® has provided many of its graduating students with opportunities to play active roles in organising Campus Legends, including creating and executing various marketing and publicity initiatives, as well as supporting the organisation and management of the Campus Legends tournaments

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