In case you missed it: Campus Legends 2021 Week 6!

Missed all the action over the weekend? Don’t worry, we’ve got your covered with a summary of all the exciting matches!

Match 1:

NYP: Viego, Nocturne, Syndra, Silvir, Rell

NUS: Trundle, Diana, Renekton, Varus, Leona

NUS had an early to mid-game composition, looking to snowball the lanes as Syndra and Silvir need time to scale up. The teams started off quite evenly but NUS were unable to get the early lead that they needed. NYP focused on the top side, playing around their Viego. NUS won a dragon fight but NYP ambushed NUS’s jungler, pulling ahead and decisively winning the match.


Match 2:

Kaplan: Renekton, Diana, Karma, Ezreal, Lulu

NP: Irelia, Xin Zhao, Ziggs, Varus, Thresh

Kaplan had a double enchanter team and NP overall picked heroes who were stronger in lane. This allowed them to win all their lanes by a rather large margin, especially the top lane with Irelia holding her own in 1v2s and 1v3s, giving NP an overwhelming victory in just 16 minutes.


Match 3:

SP: Sion, Gwen, Soraka, Lulu, Kog’Maw

ITE CW: Fiora, Xin Zhao, Kayle, Varus, Leona

ITE CW drafted a rather late game composition. SP won the first team fight in the bottom lane thanks to a clutch ultimate from Soraka, healing up her teammates. But SP started to give unnecessary kills to ITE CW, eventually giving the lead over to ITE CW when ITE CW won a fight in the river. ITE CW’s Kayle scaled up, and no one on SP could match up against her and Fiora solo as they split push. The game ended when Fiora managed to backdoor SP’s Nexus, earning themselves a win as the underdogs.

Match 1 Game 1:

NP: Benedetta, Popol and Kupa, Hayabusa, Lunox, Granger

SMU: Harley, Gloo, Ruby, Alice, Eudora

Match 1 Game 2:

NP: Kaja, Popol and Kupa, Paquito, Yi Sun Shin, Hayabusa

SMU: Granger, Saber, Masha, Khufra, Eudora

For the first game, NP’s team composition was on the squishier side hence they needed to be aggressive and engage on SMU. NP got early kills and good rotations allowed them to get picks. Their Hayabusa was also able to get solo picks around the map, snowballing their way to get the win. In the second game, NP had a team composition focused on getting picks with Kaja. SMU managed to get the first few kills by catching off NP’s Hayabusa but NP took the lead by tacking objectives and farming up to win the series.


Match 2 Game 1:

RP: Yve, Baxia, Uranus, Yi Sun Shin, Paquito

SP: Argus, Ruby, Karrie, Atlas, Chang’e

Match 2 Game 2:

RP: Popol and Kupa, Benedetta, Paquito, Lunox, Granger

SP: Ruby, Khufra, Kaja, Brody, Saber

Match 2 Game 3:

RP: Harley, Uranus, Brody, Yu Zhong, Baxia

SP: Atlas, Benedetta, Lunox, Esmeralda, Karrie

Both teams started off quite even, trading kills left and right. But Yi Sun Shin came online earlier than Karrie and it seemed like surely RP would take the win but SP’s Chang’e was buying a lot of space and time with her ultimate, allowing SP to hang on. RP managed to get Lords but was unable to close out the game as they did not sync the minion waves, giving SP the opportunity to fight back and they did just that, putting RP on the backfoot instead. SP pushed up to RP’s base with Paquito as their sole defender but he miraculously managed to save the base and RP eventually cracked open SP’s base. In the second game, RP was winning the macro-game as they split push and get more turrets but once again, they could not close out the game because of poor Lord usage. SP also faced the same problems, making the games longer than necessary. SP was the one to come out ahead as they finally synced up the waves and push with the Lord into RP’s base, bringing the series to the last game. RP had a rather tanky composition but not a lot of damage. SP’s Benedetta did a lot of work, getting kills to give SP the advantage in the early game. RP constantly struggled to punish Benedetta and SP was too far ahead by then, giving them the win after three excruciating games.


Match 3 Game 1:

NTU: Harley, Popol and Kupa, Yi Sun Shin, Faramis, Paquito

NUS: Selena, Saber, Jawhead, Gloo, Hayabusa

Match 3 Game 2:

NTU: Popol and Kupa, Kaja, Yve, Granger, Ruby

NUS: Saber, Selena, Lapu-Lapu, Akai, Lancelot

Match 3 Game 3:

NTU: Popol and Kupa, Yve, Kaja, Bruno, Barats

NUS: Saber, Selena, Yi Sun Shin, Khufra, Yu Zhong

NUS got early picks by ganking Faramis and Saber winning solo fights. But NTU gained the upper hand when they jumped onto NUS as they were taking the Lord, stealing the Lord and winning the fight. However, NUS managed to steal the second Lord and traded evenly during the fight, with Hayabusa assassinating the backline and bringing the game back to NUS’s hands. In the second game, NUS drafted a composition with no marksmen, which would come back to bite them. Both teams traded throughout but when late game was approaching, NUS maybe realized that they have the disadvantage in team fights as they did not have marksmen to deal damage. NUS fed NTU kills by going in one by one, giving NTU the second game win. In the third game, NUS learned their lesson and picked a marksman this time. They also picked a Yu Zhong to dive NTU’s Yve, giving NUS more space to work with. After getting the numbers advantage from picking off NTU’s members, NUS collapsed onto NTU’s base and took the series win, delivering NTU their first defeat and claiming first place in Group B.


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