In case you missed it: Campus Legends 2021 Playoffs Week 2 – Grand Finals Edition!

Missed all the action over the weekend? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with a summary of all the exciting matches! On this final week of Campus Legends 2021, we’ll be covering the bronze match as well as the grand finals match to determine who will emerge victorious!

Bronze Match Game 1:

NP: Dr. Mundo, Lee Sin, LeBlanc, Kai’Sa, Leona

SMU: Viego, Kayn, Akali, Varus, Tahm Kench

Bronze Match Game 2:

NP: Akali, Trundle, Orianna, Varus, Karma

SMU: Sylas, Viego, Irelia, Ezreal, Braum


Bronze Match Game 3:

NP: Jayce, Trundle, Orianna, Varus, Karma

SMU: Viego, Rumble, Syndra, Ezreal, Nautilus

Bronze Match Game 4:

NP: Dr. Mundo, Xin Zhao, Qiyana, Kai’Sa, Karma

SMU: Darius, Kha’Zix, Sylas, Varus, Thresh

Bronze Match Game 5:

NP: Wukong, Diana, Orianna, Samira, Leona

SMU: Sett, Olaf, Ryze, Aphelios, Thresh

The Campus Legends 2021 Playoffs Day 2 started off with a nail-biting bronze match that went the full distance in the best of 5. In the first game, NP’s LeBlanc was winning the mid lane, with SMU’s Akali getting caught out a few times. NP’s jungler was rotating and helping his team better than SMU’s jungler, giving NP the opportunity to get picks across the map. NP had better macro play overall and SMU were falling behind in damage, only winning fights when their Viego was involved. NP finally ended the game while everyone was distracted by the Elder Dragon as NP’s LeBlanc went for a sneaky backdoor.  In the second game, both teams were even until NP won the Dragon Soul fight, allowing them to take the lead. NP’s Orianna landed a massive ultimate on 3 members of SMU, securing the fight win for NP. Another fight in the Elder Dragon pit gave NP the ace to win the second game as they look to take the third and close out the series.

However, SMU were not going to give up easily despite being down 2 games. In the third game, NP’s Orianna got fed early on, which proved to be a pain in SMU’s back later on in the game. Both teams were still rather even in gold and scores overall but because of the early lead, NP’s Orianna was starting to dish out a lot of damage, even bursting down SMU’s tankier champions. It was up to SMU’s Ezreal to match the damage coming from both NP’s Orianna and Jayce, which she did deliver. NP had no sustained damage so they struggled to close the game. SMU also couldn’t end the game even with the second Elder Dragon buff. They seemed hesitant to engage, perhaps because their tournament life was on the line and they didn’t want to make any mistakes. But SMU finally broke through by winning a fight in mid, giving them the pushing power to barrel through NP’s base and bring us to a game 4. In the fourth game, SMU got the early advantage by getting early picks and took a decisive lead after winning a fight in the middle, allowing their Sylas to get extremely fed and snowball the rest of the game, bringing SMU one step closer to their reverse sweep.

As we approach the final game of the series, both teams could not afford to make any mistakes. SMU’s draft scaled well into late game but NP managed to get more picks early on and kept ganking the Aphelios, preventing him from farming up. SMU’s hopes of a reverse sweep were dashed when SMU almost won a fight in mid but their Ryze tried to make a play by teleporting his team into NP’s backline, which ended up backfiring as NP’s Samira cleaned them up. At this point, NP’s Samira and Diana were too fed for SMU to catch up, allowing NP to deny SMU their reverse sweep and take their hard-earned third place.


Grand Finals Game 1:

SIM: Tahm Kench, Xin Zhao, Azir, Ezreal, Leona

NYP: Yone, Jarvan IV, Viktor, Ziggs, Rell

Grand Finals Game 2:

SIM: Sett, Volibear, Renekton, Ziggs, Leona

NYP: Nocturne, Lee Sin, Qiyana, Karthus, Braum

Grand Finals Game 3:

SIM: Gnar, Lee Sin, Galio, Varus, Karma

NYP: Mordekaiser, Viego, Qiyana, Draven, Braum

Grand Finals Game 4:

SIM: Sett, Xin Zhao, Galio, Varus, Karma

NYP: Viego, Trundle, Syndra, Draven, Thresh

Grand Finals Game 5:

SIM: Tahm Kench, Zac, Akali, Jinx, Leona

NYP: Viego, Jarvan IV, Syndra, Draven, Rell

In the grand finals match, SIM, a team full of ex-professional players, look to usurp NYP, the defending champions, from their throne in an equally close and exciting series. In the first game, SIM took the early advantage when they aced NYP in the river. SIM’s Tahm Kench got fed early on, making it difficult for NYP to take him down. SIM’s Ezreal also got fed, allowing SIM to snowball the rest of the game and take their first win. In the second game, SIM got another early advantage by getting an ace in the Dragon pit but NYP clawed their way back by getting picks and even their own aces back on SIM. NYP’s Qiyana and Lee Sin soon became fed and Qiyana had the potential to one shot burst down anyone on SIM. NYP also got the Infernal Dragon Soul, skyrocketing their damage even more to take the game and even out the series.

In the third game, SIM’s Lee Sin got fed and performed really well throughout the game. A huge kick from Lee Sin in mid allowed SIM to win the team fight and take the Cloud Dragon Soul, winning the game eventually. In the fourth game, this time NYP got the early advantage by ganking the bottom lane, gaining 4 kills for themselves. NYP increased their lead with an ace and their Draven was getting fed. SIM stole not one, but two Barons from under NYP’s noses but the first Baron merely bought them a little more time while NYP punished SIM for the second Baron steal, taking them out and bringing us to the second game 5 of the day.

In the last game, NYP cheesed an early kill about a minute into the game onto SIM’s Tahm Kench and got more picks than SIM overall, setting themselves up for victory. NYP seemed to have more synergy and won more team fights, defending their throne and winning the championship title for the third time in a row in Campus Legends.

Bronze Match Game 1:

NUS: Jawhead, Ruby, Alice, Selena, Granger

NP: Hayabusa, Popol and Kupa, Barats, Yi Sun Shin, Pharsa

Bronze Match Game 2:

NUS: Granger, Popol and Kupa, Esmeralda, Lunox, Chou

NP: Benedetta, Ruby, Mathilda, Cecilion, Claude


Bronze Match Game 3:

NUS: Hayabusa, Balmond, Ruby, Mathilda, Kagura

NP: Kaja, Jawhead, Yi Sun Shin, Cecilion, X.Borg

Bronze Match Game 4:

NUS: X.Borg, Balmond, Mathilda, Kagura, Ruby

NP: Lunox, Gloo, Popol and Kupa, Granger, Hayabusa

In the first game, NUS picked their Selena-and-Jawhead specialty which they’ve been well known for throughout Campus Legends. Both teams traded kills but NUS was able to capitalize on the kills and get objectives like Turtles. However, NP was able to punish NUS’s over-aggression, such as Jawhead trying to force an ejector onto NP. NP were able to win the enhanced Lord fight and started to siege NUS’s base. As we entered late game territory, NP’s Yi Sun Shin was coming online and NUS couldn’t deal with the onslaught coming from NP, allowing NP to take the lead in the series. In the second game, NP didn’t really have a dedicated tank but they did have a late game composition with Cecilion and Claude. However, NUS were able to get picks to take the early advantage and NUS’s Granger came online earlier than NP’s Claude. NUS tried a few times to end the game with the Lord and eventually managed to succeed, evening out the score. In the third game, OhDeerBambi entered the fray for NUS and played an unconventional Balmond hyper. NUS managed to trade kills better than NP and NUS’s hyper Balmond was able to deal damage while taking damage at the same time, killing two birds with one stone. Oddly enough, NP didn’t build Necklace of Durance despite NUS having both Balmond and Ruby. NUS eventually powered through to take the third game, bringing themselves to match point. In the fourth game, NUS picked a similar draft and NP, once again, didn’t build Necklace of Durance, which might have contributed to their downfall. NP struggled to deal with NUS’s hyper Balmond again, allowing NUS to take the game and secure their third place.


Grand Finals Game 1:

ITE CC: Hayabusa, X.Borg, Ling, Khufra, Cecilion

TP: Balmond, Jawhead, Ruby, Bruno, Nana

Grand Finals Game 2:

ITE CC: Yve, Khufra, Yi Sun Shin, Benedetta, Esmeralda

TP: Mathilda, Chou, X.Borg, Granger, Pharsa

Grand Finals Game 3:

ITE CC: Hayabusa, Yve, Ruby, Jawhead, Lancelot

TP: Ling, Popol and Kupa, Esmeralda, Barats, Kagura


Grand Finals Game 4:

ITE CC: X.Borg, Khufra, Yi Sun Shin, Eudora, Yu Zhong

TP: Ling, Jawhead, Balmond, Silvanna, Lapu-Lapu

In this final match between ITE CC, the defending champions, and TP, both teams were stacked with several MPL SG players. ITE CC lost to TP in the group stages but they weren’t going to give up their title that easily. In the first game, ITE CC didn’t draft a marksman but their Ling popped off early. TP’s Bruno got picked off multiple times, disrupting his farm and ITE CC were able to take the first game after the second Lord. In the second game, both teams tried to invade each other’s orange buff but TP’s Pharsa got caught out trying to do so. ITE CC managed to trade kills better than TP and made a move for TP’s crystal but TP held strong not once, but twice. ITE CC won the second Lord fight when TP tried to contest, allowing ITE CC to storm TP’s base with the numbers advantage and bring themselves to match point. But TP weren’t going to go down without a fight. In the third game, TP took away ITE CC’s Ling for themselves and played more aggressively. TP’s Popol and Kupa traps opened up the map and Ling’s mobility allowed for quick rotations for TP, eventually pushing ITE CC back to their inhibitors. ITE CC miraculously held on and initiated their comeback but their mage got caught out. ITE CC were forced to retreat and TP chased in for the kills, taking the win and giving themselves another shot at the championship run. In the fourth game, ITE CC picked a Eudora, perhaps an answer to TP’s Ling, and they managed to get picks thanks to Eudora’s stun. Both teams hesitated to start the Lord, waiting for an opening and the opportunity came for ITE CC when TP made the mistake of trying to invade ITE CC’s purple buff, giving away 2 kills to ITE CC. This allowed ITE CC to take the Lord and charge into TP’s base to take the series and the championship title home.


There were valiant attempts to dethrone the defending champions in both games but the defending champions still managed to hold on to their titles for now! Congratulations to our top 3 teams from both League of Legends and Mobile Legends: Bang Bang! Campus Legends Season 3 has come to an end but keep an eye out for more exciting events and tournaments coming your way! We’ll see you again in Campus Legends Season 4 next year!


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