[Campus Legends S4] Mobile Legends Group A Standings

As the dust settles in Group A of Campus Legends’ Mobile Legends tournament, only four teams remain standing: Republic Polytechnic’s (RP) CLC Tsuyoi, Temasek Polytechnic’s (TP) Azura is cute, ITE College West’s (ITE CW) ITE Kindergarten and National University of Singapore’s (NUS) WeLoveNUS.


RP / CLC Tsuyoi

At the top of the standings is CLC Tsuyoi, who went undefeated across the two weeks to advance to the next stage of the tournament. Impeccable individual mechanics and teamfighting secured them decisive victories over their opponents and a finals spot. There, they faced off against TP, who they had previously beaten in the semi-finals. Both teams traded blows in a 31-minute-long slugfest, with CLC Tsuyoi narrowly defending against a 25-minute Lord push by TP. In a final, decisive teamfight in the mid lane, a stand-out performance by Lleyton “Lei x love” Kong on Xavier allowed them to wipe out Azura is cute and earn the victory.

If CLC Tsuyoi can keep up this momentum, they are certainly a team to watch.


TP / Azura is cute

With veteran player Andy “Azura X” Lau on their line-up, Azura is cute are serious contenders for the championship. The team proved their mettle by dominating their opponents in the first two rounds but suffered defeat at the hands of RP.

Their drop to the lower bracket failed to deter them, and Azura is cute quickly recovered from their loss to end ITE CW’s gauntlet run and earn a rematch against RP. In the finals, however, they were unable to overcome RP and ended the group in second place. The TP representatives will need to focus and play their cards right if they want to bag the Campus Legends championship.


ITE CW / ITE Kindergarten

ITE Kindergarten had a rough start to the tournament, falling to the lower bracket after a 0 – 2 loss to NUS. From there, they were able to bounce back, defeating SMU and NTU to earn themselves a rematch with NUS. This time, ITE Kindergarten proved to be the better team on the day and were able to take their revenge. Though they were ultimately unable to overcome TP, ITE Kindergarten’s successful gauntlet run in the lower bracket locked them in as the third-place team in Group A and has shown that they are here to fight.



Campus Legends is the largest scale tournament for many players on the NUS roster, a team with a mix of rookies and veterans. WeLoveNUS started the Group stage with a win over ITE CW but were in turn beaten 2 – 1 by TP. This mixed form continued in the lower bracket as the NUS team failed to overcome ITE CW in their rematch, resulting in a fourth place finish.

If NUS are aiming for the title of Campus Legends champions, they will need to clean up their play and rely on the experience of their more seasoned members.


The action continues this Saturday. Remember to tune in every weekend at 1 pm to our Twitch channel to catch more exciting Campus Legends action!

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