[Campus Legends S4]: ALVINO.: “We’re hoping to have a rematch against TP in the next round so we can prove ourselves as the better team.”

CLC Tsuyoi have emerged victorious in Group A of Campus Legends Season 4’s Mobile Legends tournament. The Republic Polytechnic (RP) representatives breezed through the qualifiers with an undefeated run, earning them first seed in the next stage. We invited team captain Alvin “ALVINO.” Tok to share more on their dominating wins.


Hi Alvin, congratulations on the team’s wins in Group A. You were able to put on an impressive performance on both days. How much time and work went into pulling that off?

I had been playing with one of the team members for quite some time, maybe a year or so. He just came to RP this year, and I asked him if he wanted to play in Campus Legends. He already had a group of friends who played Mobile Legends, and he invited me to that group.

For practice, as a group, we have not been playing for that long. I would say about a month. But we do not have a regular practice schedule. Instead, we mainly train individually during weekdays in our spare time, then come together as a group during the weekends and play for around two or three hours.


Based on the games thus far, who would you say has been the best performing player on your team?

I think everyone has been stepping up and performing well, but I would say that CHOCO CHAN has been playing amazingly for the past few matches. His positioning in fights was good and he didn’t get caught, so he was able to carry a number of important fights.


Having beaten out everyone else in your bracket, which team did you struggle against the most?

I would say the hardest was TP because they have a few veterans on their line-up. Azura, Gear and Jsis are all MPL SG players, so their team is quite strong. Because of that, we went into the game without the expectation of winning. We just wanted to have fun and beat them if possible so both our wins over them were quite surprising.

But then again, we do have jox who plays competitively as well. We also heard that Gear had some personal issues, so I suspect they were not able to give it their all on the day. We’re hoping to have a rematch against TP in the next round so we can prove ourselves as the better team.


With this undefeated streak, would you say that the team has had a confidence boost? Are you aiming to win the entire tournament?

We started as a team that did not train that much, so we thought we would not make it that far and be eliminated early on. But we always told ourselves to give our best no matter what. Even if we were to be beaten, it would still be a good learning experience since these are some of the top players in Singapore. Right now, we are aiming for top three, but if we are lucky, we might be able to win the whole thing.


Looking at the other bracket, Group B, who are you most wary of?

Definitely ITE CC because they have some really strong players. They have Nezuko and Tiny from Zion Esports, and both are talented at Mobile Legends so I suspect it will be quite a challenge to face them.

Another team I am looking at is SIM. Some of their players are my friends and when I watched their games, I thought they played really well, especially Salmon on Xavier. We were quite shocked at their skills so we really need to find a strategy to maintain our win streak.


What do you think will be the team’s biggest advantage or strength when you face these opponents?

Team communication. Without good communication, I doubt we would have been able to perform as well and defeat some of our tougher opponents. We typically also put a lot of thought into our hero drafting, like predicting which heroes the enemy will pick, deciding which heroes we want or think can counter them, and which heroes we do not feel comfortable going up against.


What about meta changes or shifts? Every team has their own approach to the game and as the tournament progresses, we will likely see certain playstyles become more dominant or widely adopted. How are you adapting and responding to this?

Everyone has different playstyles, so some things are out of our control. But generally, I would say that roamers are the most impactful role since they are the ones doing most of the shotcalling in-game.

For us, I am the roamer, so I take responsibility for this. If I see an enemy out of position on the minimap, I will make the call to collapse on them. If we get the kill, we have a 5v4 advantage for a while and we can put more pressure on the opponent.

But there is a new patch that benefits mages more. Tanks are also starting to have more trouble since Magic Defense is getting lower. Even before the patch released, we had our own plans and were trying to think of a better approach to the game with this change in the meta. Now that the patch is live, we are trying to restrategise and adapt.


To close off, do you have any final words for your supporters?

On behalf of my team, I would like to thank every single person that has supported us through this competition. We are really grateful since I doubt we would have the same drive when playing. In previous years, I don’t think RP got any top positions, so making it to the playoffs is a huge deal for the team. So with everyone’s support, we hope to be able to bring home the glory for RP.


The action continues this Saturday. Remember to tune in every weekend at 1 pm to our Twitch channel to catch more exciting Campus Legends action!

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