In case you missed it: Campus Legends 2021 Week 2 (Group B)!

Missed all the action over the weekend? Don’t worry, we’ve got your covered with a summary of all the exciting matches!

Match 1:

ITE CC: Shen, Jarvan IV, Sylas, Lucian, Braum

RP: Camille, Diana, Viego, Tristana, Lulu

As RP was winning the mid lane, ITE CC focused down RP’s Viego, jumping him a couple of times. ITE CC were too tanky and RP was unable to burst them down so they tried to back door ITE CC’s core a few times but to no avail. There were many messy fights but ITE CC eventually pulled away to take the win.

Match 2:

SIM: Shen, Xin Zhao, Akali, Kalista, Leona

SP: Sett, Lee Sin, Anivia, Kai’Sa, Morgana

SIM had a good team composition overall and they got early picks, winning jungle and bottom lane. SIM played the macro game better than SP and had better rotations, giving them the victory in this series.

Match 3:

Kaplan: Volibear, Xin Zhao, Karma, Ashe, Braum

SMU: Shen, Viego, Akali, Varus, Nautilus

SMU drafted a higher damage team composition and gained the upper hand after winning a clean team fight in the dragon pit. Good rotations using Shen extended their lead, eventually resulting in their win.

Match 4:

ITE CW: Mordekaiser, Ekko, Jayce, Kai’Sa, Thresh

NP: Akali, Rumble, Lucian, Senna, Cho’Gath

NP had a high damage team composition, choosing to deploy a fasting Senna strategy which means she would not be the one farming despite being the ADC. NP had the better jungle and rotation, allowing them to win the series.

Match 1 Game 1:

ITE CE: Alice, Paquito, Khufra, Eudora, Roger

ITE CC: Selena, Jawhead, Ruby, Ling, Hayabusa

Match 1 Game 2:

ITE CE: Barats, Paquito, Atlas, Roger, Eudora

ITE CC: Lunox, Khufra, Selena, X.Borg, Fanny

Match 1 Game 3:

ITE CE: Khufra, Luo Yi, Alice, X.Borg, Bruno

ITE CC: Mathilda, Yve, Pharsa, Paquito, Ling

With MPL players on their side, ITE CC were the favourites to stomp this series but the series was closer than expected. ITE CC drafted a double assassin team composition with no marksmen in the first game. ITE CE got early picks but ITE CC caught up by winning team fights and getting good engages. However, ITE CE punished ITE CC’s overextension, allowing ITE CE to take the first game as underdogs. The second and third game ended up being a stomp. ITE CC picked up an unorthodox Fanny in the second game which turned out to be very successful as the Fanny continuously suppressed ITE CE by swooping in for kills, bringing the series to a third game. In the third game, ITE CC drafted a triple mage team composition. With Pharsa and Yve, they had strong suppressing fire, denying a lot of space and rolling through the game to win the series.

Match 2 Game 1:

TP: Lunox, Barats, Estes, Claude, Kagura

Kaplan: Selena, Popol and Kupa, Chang’e, Gloo, Brody

Match 2 Game 2:

TP: Barats, Jawhead, Granger, Lylia, Hayabusa

Kaplan: Chang’e, Tigreal, Karrie, Pharsa, Uranus

TP got early picks in the first game and their hyper came online faster than Kaplan’s. TP’s Kagura and Lunox were also extremely impactful, getting a lot of kills to give TP the win. In the second game, TP got early picks once again and just snowballed through the game by winning team fights.

Match 3 Game 1:

NYP: Jawhead, Angela, Zilong, Tigreal, Beatrix

NP: Barats, Yi Sun Shin, Estes, Eudora, Gusion

Match 3 Game 2:

NYP: Barats, Angela, Zilong, Beatrix, Leomord

NP: Lunox, Mathilda, Benedetta, Yi Sun Shin, Eudora

As usual, NYP picked their signature Zilong but it was not impactful at all in both games. NP just kept winning team fights and while NP didn’t win, at least they seemed to be having fun playing whatever they wanted.

Match 4 Game 1:

SIT: Granger, Lylia, Ruby, Atlas, Hanabi

SMU: Chang’e, Gloo, Jawhead, Yi Sun Shin, Beatrix

Match 4 Game 2:

SIT: Jawhead, Lylia, Wanwan, Minotaur, Gusion

SMU: Gloo, Tigreal, Granger, Eudora, Beatrix

Both teams drafted double marksmen compositions and were rather even at the start, with SMU slightly ahead as they got more objectives. But SIT caught up by winning team fights with Atlas engagements, eventually winning the game after a grueling 26 minutes. In the second game, both teams started out quite even again but SIT started to pull ahead thanks to team fights won because of clutch Minotaur ultimates, taking the series.

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