In case you missed it: Campus Legends 2021 Week 1 (Group A)!

Match 1:

SP: Kled, Lee Sin, Sylas, Caitlyn, Bard

SMU: Shen, Rumble, Irelia, Kai’Sa, Leona

SP drafted a rather early to mid-game and skirmish-y team composition with Caitlyn, Kled and Sylas while SMU drafted a more team fight focused and late game team composition with Kai’Sa. SMU got the early advantage by winning the first team fight but they didn’t have time to scale and multiple Sylas kills allowed SP to snowball. SP kept picking off SMU, preventing them from taking 5v5 fights resulting in SP taking the win.

Match 2:

Kaplan: Ornn, Lee Sin, Akali, Tristana, Karma

RP: Camille, Sejuani, Ekko, Xayah, Janna

Kaplan seemed to have the better draft but RP won the initial fight with good rotations down to the bottom. RP won all their lanes and took control of the map as a team, taking objectives and eventually winning the game.

Match 3:

SIM: Shen, Volibear, Jayce, Ezreal, Karma

ITE CW: Gnar, Sejuani, Ekko, Kai’Sa, Lulu

ITE CW drafted a team fight composition focused on diving with Ekko and Kai’Sa while SIM had a poke composition with Jayce, Ezreal and Karma. ITE CW teleported to the bottom at the start with no results, allowing SIM’s mid-laner to farm freely and extend CS lead, snowballing SIM to victory.

Match 4:

ITE CC: Sett, Lee Sin, Viktor, Ezreal, Braum

NP: Gnar, Xin Zhao, Orianna, Ashe, Karma

NP had a team fight composition while ITE CC had a hard engage composition with Sett. NP got the early advantage because they had better rotations which let them collect more tower plates. NP managed to win more team fights, allowing them to win the match.

Match 1 Game 1:

NYP: Zilong, Gloo, Clint, Gatotkaca, Martis

TP: Yve, Chang’e, Granger, Khufra, Barats

Match 1 Game 2:

NYP: Angela, Zilong, Franco, Martis, Clint

TP: Jawhead, Alice, Chou, Selena, Yi Sun Shin

NYP picked an unorthodox Zilong and Martis and while entertaining, they seemed to be inferior to meta picks. While Martis was more successful in the second game thanks to Angela’s support, TP still managed to get the victory relatively comfortably.

Match 2 Game 1:

NP: Selena, Benedetta, Lunox, Estes, Brody

ITE CC: Barats, Popol and Kupa, Kagura, Yi Sun Shin, Claude

Match 2 Game 2:

NP: Benedetta, Popol and Kupa, Granger, Harith, Kagura

ITE CC: Selena, Barats, Yi Sun Shin, Jawhead, Claude

ITE CC has 3 MPL players (‘Bento’ from Explorer, Tinyyy from Impunity and SKY. from Almighty), putting them at a severe advantage even before the drafting. NP had a squishy team composition for the first game and was unable to handle the damage from ITE CC’s double marksmen composition. In the second game, NP had a more standard draft and got the early advantage as well but ITE CC took the game back with the space made by their tanks, taking the series.

Match 3 Game 1:

SIT: Granger, Lylia, Minotaur, Ruby, Hanabi

Kaplan: Chang’e, Popol and Kupa, Gloo, Kagura, Roger

Match 3 Game 2:

SIT: Popol and Kupa, Gloo, Kagura, Yi Sun Shin, Alice

Kaplan: Minotaur, Lylia, Brody, Jawhead, Wanwan

Match 3 Game 3:

SIT: Minotaur, Ruby, Lylia, Hanabi, Yi Sun Shin

Kaplan: Yu Zhong, Jawhead, Roger, Luo Yi, Pharsa

SIT picked an unusual Hanabi for the first game which put them at a disadvantage in the early game as Hanabi only comes online in the late game. Kaplan hence rolled through early game with their more traditional draft and hyper Roger which came online faster, although they could only close out the game when SIT overextended to give them the numbers advantage. In the second game, SIT won the early game thanks to the engagement from Minotaur and high damage from Brody, evening out the score. For the third and last game of the series, SIT picked Hanabi again but this time with better success as Kaplan were unable to close out the game, allowing the Hanabi to farm up and give SIT their hard-won victory.

Match 4 Game 1:

ITE CE: Paquito, Alice, Tigreal, Brody, Vale

SMU: Pharsa, Jawhead, Barats, Granger, Uranus

Match 4 Game 2:

ITE CE: Paquito, Lolita, Silvanna, Vale, Alucard

SMU: Chang’e, Jawhead, Masha, Esmeralda, Clint

Match 4 Game 3:

ITE CE: Paquito, Luo Yi, Atlas, Roger, Esmeralda

SMU: Granger, Jawhead, Barats, Cecilion, Lapu-Lapu

ITE CE had a good team fight composition but their Paquito didn’t join team fights until later in the game, allowing them to take the first game. In the second game, both teams were relatively balanced with late game hypers. ITE CE’s Lolita blocked a lot of SMU’s damage hence SMU had to rely on Masha for most of the damage. Sure enough, their Masha came online in the late game, winning 1v1s and evening out the score for SMU. In the third game, ITE CE snowballed early when SMU’s hyper got picked off. They continued their stomp with Atlas and Luo Yi combo winning team fights, taking the third game and the series.

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