A Primer on Arc Festival

With only five days to go to Campus Legends Festival, here’s a sneak peek at Arc Market!


What is Arc Market?

To celebrate the finals of Campus Legends Season 4, Campus Legends Festival will also be hosting various exhibitors from the cosplay and artist community in Singapore. The event will be held at the ground theatre of *SCAPE, where some of your favourite influencers be setting up booths to showcase their latest work. If you’re a fan of both games and anime, be sure to come on down to support them!


Cosplayers like rurusama9, Momoko_pigsfly and xxkyu16 will be bringing some of their favourite characters from gaming and anime to life. Each will have their own booths where they will be selling photobooks and posters of their past cosplays and conducting meet-and-greets with fans. Don’t miss this chance to snap a selfie with them!


Various talented artists and creators like Wildrawbean, Foxtatorina and Hontonikireidesu will also be attending the event to show off their newest designs. Want a print of Genshin’s Ayaka or Demon Slayer’s Nezuko? You’ll be able to find merch of your favourite characters at Arc Market, ranging from keychains to prints.


Show your support for our local talents and celebrate with the rest of the community! Register for your free ticket at bit.ly/clfestival

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