[Campus Legends S4] Mobile Legends Group B Standings

Of the seven teams that entered Group B of Campus Legends’ Mobile Legends tournament, only four are left standing: Ngee Ann Polytechnic (NP), ITE College Central (ITE CC), Singapore Institute of Management (SIM) and ITE College East (ITE CE). Let’s take a look at the performances of each team thus far.


NP / Nani Esports

NP representatives Nani Esports had a rough start to the tournament with a 0 – 2 loss to ITE CC that saw them relegated to the losers’ bracket. However, they remained undaunted and thanks to some heroics from Ng “FMM training” Bi De, successfully ran the gauntlet to earn a rematch against ITE CC in the finals of Group B.

In their grudge match, FMM training once again defaulted to his Beatrix and put on two stellar performances back-to-back to earn Nani Esports the victory and a first-place finish. Given his proficiency on the hero, the Dawnbreak Soldier is looking like a must-ban for teams looking to shut down NP.


ITE CC / Turtle Bois

With multiple MPL veterans from Zion Esports on their line-up, Turtle Bois looks like serious contenders for the championship. They breezed through the first three rounds to claim a spot in the finals where they faced a familiar foe in Nani Esports.

This time, the experience of Ernest “Tiny” Lee and Teoh “Nezuko” Yao Ren were unable to triumph over the revenge-hungry NP. Despite this loss, ITE CC are still a force to be reckoned with.



SIM cruised through their first two matches against Kaplan and NYP, unsurprising given the calibre of mid-laner Vernon “Salmon” Khaw from EVIL. However, they struggled in Week 2, with multiple members of the team getting caught out. Ultimately, SIM dropped to both ITE CC and NP for a third-place finish.

If SIM can clean up their play and return to the same standard they were at the start of the tournament, they still have a shot at becoming the next legends.


ITE CE / JayZ & Vertigo Cheering Association

The ITE CE representatives look like a middle of the pack team. Though they were able to find convincing wins over SUTD and Kaplan to secure a spot in the Playoffs, they struggled against teams of a higher calibre.

With a plethora of talent coming in from both groups, ITE CE will need to pull out all the stops to find further success in this tournament.



The action continues this Saturday. Remember to tune in every weekend at 1 pm to our Twitch channel to catch more exciting Campus Legends action!

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