Workshop Registration

Workshop Registration

Campus Legends is not only a great opportunity for students passionate about esports to come together and compete, both within their institutions but as a community at large. Through various workshops highlighting the various career pathways in esportsCampus Legends provides many opportunities for students at the cusp of their careers discover different pathways where they can channel their skills and pursue their passions. 

We hope that Campus Legends will not only help students get ready for the economy of the future, whether or not within the esports industry, but also becomes a launchpad for many careers in esports, gaming, and adjacent industries. 

Lights, camera, action! Get well versed in setting up with different hardware and technical configurations, as well as broadcasting to audiences watching live and around the globe.

Good officials make a good match even better. Register here to gain knowledge on what makes a good official, including decision making and game expertise.

Ever wanted to cast matches? Learn the fundamentals of shoutcasting here, including the skills needed and maybe try your hands on casting an actual match!

Create an arena worthy for gamers to participate in. Learn how to choose a strategic venue, creating marketing hype, getting your sponsors involved, and making the best of your manpower.

Push your boundaries further, physically and mentally! Learn about nutrition, exercise, and mental preparations needed for a high-performance esports athlete.

A fair tournament requires honest athletes. Know about anti-doping stances taken in esports, as well as the ethics which all gamers should uphold whilst competing.