Hot, sweltering heat did not get us gamers down and defeated! We spent the day at the Institute of Technical Education College East (ITE CE) where we involved a group of first year students in planning and execution of our roadshow for Campus Legends.

Students got first-hand experience setting up and preparing for roadshows, considerations to keep in mind when placing activity zones, music, and products!

Not only were the students creative in their approach to this roadshow, they went one step further and got emcees to create some hype!


Throughout the day, curious students came forth and tried their hands on the various activities we had. To say they were engrossed would be putting it lightly!

League of Legends 1v1

Resident League of Legends fans did not hesitate to engage each other in some friendly combat at our OMEN by HP league of legends area.

Psst! Did you know our roadshow laptops are amazing?! They run at
1080p with 144Hz refresh rate! Intrigued?

Click here to find out how OMEN achieves that oh-so-fluid frame rate:


The ever-popular game garnered quite a spectator base during the roadshow. Plenty was as excited watching as the players were!

Gran Turismo

Many were afraid of trying, yet they tried it anyways and that is the spirit! Students came and gained some experience on simulation racing, courtesy of Legion of Racer’s athletes and coaches!

Love simulation racing? Check out Legion of Racer and their initiatives:

Want to join in the fun?

Our next roadshow is at ITE College West, 22nd May.

See you there!