It was an action-packed Friday at Republic Polytechnic with the Campus Legends roadshow. Students enjoyed countless hours of entertainment participating in various activities as well as learned about Campus Legends and OMEN gaming gears!

Meticulously Crafted by Students

A team of talented RP students from the School of Sports, Health, and Leisure came together to plan and execute one of our most lively roadshows! Students had the chance to engage fellow gamers in an array of exhilarating activities in FIFA19, League of Legends, and our newest addition to Campus Legends… … Gran Turismo!

Youths from the Institute of Technical Education College East (ITE CE) dropped by as well for the opportunity to gain valuable hands-on experience for their roadshow happening on Monday, 13th May 2019!

Esports Activities

Everyone had the chance to engage in friendly competition with friends and avid gamers through the three game titles, League of Legends, FIFA19, and Gran Turismo, used in our inaugural Campus Legends.

League of Legends 1v1 with OMEN By HP

Plenty of spectators were absolutely engrossed watching students challenge each other in League of Legends on the big screen in Republic Polytechnic’s Agora Hall. Students battled it out in a 1 versus 1 match on our HP OMEN Gaming laptops! Play at your best anywhere (even in the middle of a bustling school hall like RP’s Agora Hall) without sacrificing on performance with the OMEN 15 Laptop with desktop-class graphics performance, immersion, and upgradability.

This was what they were using:

You know you want to check out how smooth and portable your gaming can be 😉

FIFA19 Friendly Match

Avid FIFA19 gamers put on a dazzling display of virtual soccer prowess, with onlookers fully invested and culminating in a rousing cheer for the winning team!

Gran Turismo with Legion of Racers

Local sim racing league, Legion of Racers, Singapore’s first Sim Racing League that combines the best in motorsport and gaming worlds, delivered an immersive experience for our RP students with racing aspirations! Students were taught how to race like a professional by LOR’s team of experts before they whizzed past their competition in Gran Turismo!

Missed out on some of these exciting activities? Join us at our next roadshow at ITE College East on Monday, 13 May 2019!